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The Modern Quad Fish surfboard from Wild Atlantic Surfboard Company puts performance into traditional fish values of speed and paddle power.

If you like to ride boards with plenty of speed and like the feel of a fish in general then this board will give you more options in waves that are more diverse as opposed to traditional lock in feels of retro fishes that are more suited to cleaner smaller waves. This board has a lower entry rocker with a single concave entry for speed and paddle power and a wider nose template to give it more float.

It also has a double concave between the feet positioning and a pulled in tail for drive. There is a very late vee off the tips and refined sharpened rails. Can be ridden as a twin in smaller waves and apply quad fin set ups in more critical conditions. The modern quad fish is an evolution of fish surfboard design for the surfer who knows he or she will be facing different conditions and wants a board with some range

This board is a quiver must for 2-6 foot waves and will improve your fish style of  surfing. A great travel companion. Choose 2-3 inches shorter than your regular surfboard. Fully customisable with tints and sprays.

From 5’6 to 6’6, stock and custom orders available.

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