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The High Performance Shortboard Surfboard from Wild Atlantic Surfboard Company is a “new school” shortboard surfboard.

The outline offers a fuller and curvier template with its centre mark sitting slightly higher than standard. This board has a deeper single concave to maximise performance and a slightly flatter rocker to increase speed over those weak sections.

In the design to accommodate new schools of thought there is a looser tail for slides. We also moved the fin cluster slightly further forward to accommodate the wider tail section whilst still maintaining that tight in the pocket manoeuvrability. Great for Irish punchy beach breaks and beyond. Plenty of float where you need it, plenty of impact and speed when you want it – a true wildling.

This surfboard can be seen as a high-performance groveler or lower rocker line board too but ultimately it is a great all-round high-performance board and suits the new school style of surfing. It is ideal as a competition surfboard, capable of managing most conditions but also for airs and new school in general. It can also be ridden as a high-performance groveler for the bigger surfer and for those looking to really maximise or get into pocket surfing and improve their rail work.

Our high performance shortboard surfboard comes with a single concave and a thruster set-up as standard. A quiver must, set in PU for waves with punch so you can stay with the power of the wave and perform. This surfboard will improve your surfing. Choose 2-3 inches shorter than your regular surfboard. Fully customisable with tints and sprays.

From 5’6 to 6’6, stock and custom orders available.

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