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The Pin Twin surfboard from Wild Atlantic Surfboard Company is a modern twist on twin fin surfboards.

The Atlantic has so much power and push that proficient fish surfboard riders sometimes need a little more drive and tightening up on transitions The outline is a medium rocker, with a wider nose template for plenty of paddle power. A very light single concave through the whole board into channels means that the board is loose with plenty of speed.

A pulled in round tail with twin channels between the fins allows for sharper turns and less slide and drift in hollower waves that we find in Ireland and The Atlantic. Twin fins deliver a little more forgiving and carefree feel to riding waves yet they have plenty of control and can deliver smooth sharp turns, speed and performance exactly when and where you want it. On the Wild Atlantic surfboard quiver a lot of boards are based around fish templates and it only made sense to put forward this modern take on twin fins that is becoming more and more popular today. This board is a favourite among our team and shapers.

This surfboard would be perfect in 2-6ft in all conditions and is a very versatile twin surfboard. Down the line blistering speed and suitable for all reefs, point and beach breaks. If you want to commit to a new style of shape this year you would not go wrong with the pin twin surfboard. Fully customisable with tints and sprays.

From 5’6 to 6’6, stock and custom orders available.

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