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There is a global movement against the use of single use plastic. Reduce waste immediately and make an impact to our oceans by choosing this pack of stainless-steel straws from Wild Atlantic Surfboard Company.

Branded with laser engraved logos on each straw and a handy pouch to carry them in these straws are a cool BPA-free and non-toxic alternative to disposable plastic drinking straws. This accessory is easy to carry in your pocket or bag at school or work and is perfect for use at home or when travelling. Be it smoothie, green juice, frappe or cocktail making this small change will have a massive impact. 


  • One Standard Straw
  • One Large Straw (Milk Shakes, Smoothies)
  • One Bent Straw
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Carry Pouch

Size: 4mm/ 6mm x 205mm/ 215mm