Spring // Summer Wetsuits

O’Neill Bahia is designed for a new generation of athletes that want to bring beauty, personality, and confidence to the water. The combination of chic styling and absolute function makes Bahia a unique wetsuit line for the style-savvy and performance-driven athlete.




1.5 MM SLEEVELESS FULL: £94.95, €109.95
2/1 BACK ZIP L/S SHORT SPRING: £84.95, €99.95
2/1 FRONT ZIP S/S SPRING: £79.95, €89.95
2/1 BACK ZIP L/S SPRING: £94.95, €109.95
3/2 BACK ZIP FULL: £119.95, €139.95

Key Info

Wetsuit Type Sleeveless, Spring, Short Spring, Fullsuit
Temperature Guide 17- 23°C, 17-23°C, 14-19°C
Thickness 1.5 mm, 2/1 mm, 3/2mm
Entry Chest & Back
Brand O'Neill
Price £244.95 - £254.95
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