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One flawless wetsuit design available in different thicknesses which offer ultimate warmth and limitless stretch. Find your size online with the intuitive size finder and brand converter. For 2019 fit and details are optimized using feedback of customers and SRFACE ambassadors.



All SRFACE wetsuits feature

  • High thermal, ultra flexible limestone neoprene
  • Smoothskin chest and back
  • Plush quick-dry insulation
  • Liquid sealed outside seams
  • Fully taped, glued and blind stitched inside seams
  • Water Sealed Neck, Arms and Legs
  • Abrasion-resistant knee pads
  • 400% stretch lining
  • Key pocket
  • YKK zip

The SRFACE 3mm was designed to balance warmth and flexibility to give you that boardshort feeling in a wetsuit. SRFACE wetsuits are made using limestone neoprene and feature smoothskin chest and back panels with a plush (quick-dry) inside lining. Seams are taped on the inside and liquid sealed externally. The SRFACE 3mm plush inside (core) insulation allows you to surf this wetsuit sooner in spring than any other 3mm wetsuit out there.

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Editors Verdict

By Wavelength

Last week, with water temps hitting the 12 degrees mark and a run of clean swell forecast, I decided it was time to finally shed the winter rubber and jump into the freeing embrace of the SRFACE 4/3mm fullsuit.

The suit’s affordable price tag puts it firmly in the mid-range bracket, however, the technical spec and overall feel place it up there with higher end, much pricer suits.

It was snug fitting, instantly forming a comfortable seal around the wrists and ankles, while not creating any nasty suction or rub around armpits or midriff. A seven duck-dive paddle out revealed no hint of neck or back flush and after a long winter clad in 5 (and sometimes 6) millimetres of rubber, the suit’s fantastic flexibility was noticeable instantly.

The smoothskin chest and back panels provided ample windchill protection from the bracing offshores while waiting out the back and the double sealed seams felt strong and durable.

After my surf, I slung the suit over the washing line in the sun and by the evening the light fleece lining that covers the interior was bone dry, ready for round two.

Overall, the SRFACE wetsuit offers the perfect option for those looking for a seamless transition between the seasons at an affordable price.


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