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High-performance, lightweight and unparalleled flexibility.

A step up from the 7 Seas wetsuit, the High Seas is Vissla’s most high-performance wetsuit engineered to be lightweight and flexible without sacrificing warmth.

The new high-performance focused High Seas wetsuit features I-Foam technology with unparalleled flexibility and warmth. Made from Dope dyed fabric from Bluesign approved mills, the High Seas features a softer, anti-fade, stretch jersey material which serves as a more eco-friendly approach to neoprene. Available in chest zip and no zip, minimizing bulk and maximizing its water-tight capabilities.




3/2mm chest zip: £249
4/3mm chest zip: £269

Key Info

Wetsuit Type Fullsuit
Temperature Guide 14-19°C & 10-14°C
Thickness 3/2 mm & 4/3mm
Entry Chest
Brand Vissla
Price £249 & £269
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