Spring // Summer Wetsuits

Vissla has stripped away the irrelevant knick-knacks and designed a suit that does exactly what it’s supposed to do: provide warmth, flexibility and performance in the ocean. Super stretch limestone-based neoprene, sealed seams, quick-dry lining, a tailored fit and a chest-zip closure system provides for a top of the line wetsuit at an affordable price.




2/2 chest zip: £209
3/2mm chest zip: £219
4/3mm chest zip: £239

Key Info

Wetsuit Type Fullsuit
Temperature Guide 17-20°C, 14-19°C & 10-14°C
Thickness 2/2 mm, 3/2 mm & 4/3mm
Entry Chest
Brand Vissla
Price £209, £219 & £239
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