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Drop In Sessions Episode 3: Captain Liz Clark

Image: Jianca Lazarus

For those of us who daydream and hanker after authentic surf experiences, salivating over the thought of sailing around the world, Captain Liz Clark’s autobiography is a must for your bookshelf. ‘Swell: A Sailing Surfer’s Voyage of Awakening’ tells tales of Liz’s adventures on the high seas, refurbishing and living aboard her 40 foot sailboat for over 10 years.

When Liz Clark set sail from the US after being bequeathed her sailboat ‘Swell’ by great friend and mentor Barry Clark, it was the beginning of a fantastic journey of epic highs and lows aboard her vessel. It became a true pilgrimage of discovery and learning, of brilliant moments of human connection and exposure to nature at its most raw and wild. A journey of self-reflection, extraordinary tenacity and adventure so awesome it could give Robinson Crusoe a run for its money. 

We are stoked to share that the third episode of the Drop In Sessions presented by Mermaid Gin is with Captain Liz Clark herself – incredible sailor, activist, environmentalist and surfer.

Image: Jody Macdonald

From the US to Central America and across the Pacific Ocean to Tahiti, Liz’s adventures and reflections about the reality of a life at sea filled with so many moving moments of natural beauty, fun, epic swells and radical experience are punctuated with the gritty toughness of just how challenging it is living solo aboard a sailboat (I mean, could you imagine sailing across a knee-knockingly terrifying storm on your own)?!

Images: A Ti’a Matairea & McKenzie Clark

Liz’s adventures have ignited people’s imaginations worldwide since she started her blog all those years ago, leaving the US on her maiden voyage. Since then, Liz now calls Tahiti her home, and her activism work, which started when she faced the shocking realities of marine pollution, climate change, overfishing and destruction of natural habitats on her journey, has expanded from blogging whilst sailing to a more hands-on approach. 

For episode 3 of the Drop In Sessions presented by Mermaid Gin, host Sophie Everard dials in with Captain Clark home side in Tahiti, encompassing her adventures on the high seas, a new life in French Polynesia, activism work, perfect surf sessions as well as what’s next on the agenda for the marine maverick.

Dive in – this is a juicy episode of The Drop In Sessions!

Image: Katy Danielson