Introducing Vol. 264

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An actual real-life magazine that stares into the bright lights and dark corners of surfing, using rhythm as a navigating tool.

“Rhythm is the theme that guides Issue 264. The idea was to explore the musicality of surfing; the beat to which we surfers dance. Yet while we begin and end with a selection of explorations of rhythm and surfing, there is a noticeable break to our groove. This unexpected bridge section has been present but out of earshot for decades, an unpleasant and ultimately deadly truth lurking behind surfing’s sunny facade.” – Mike Lay

On the Cover: Moana Wong-Jones 

Sachi Cunningham talks to Moana Jones-Wong about her paradigm-shifting wave at Pipeline last winter. It is a story of self-doubt, dedication, and destiny that culminates in a spine-tingling, second-by-second account of one of the best waves of all time.

Surfing’s Dirty Secret 

The Big Sea is a new feature documentary that exposes the links between the production of chloroprene, the primary component of synthetic rubber neoprene, and increased levels of cancer. Matt Barr sits down with Lewis Arnold and Chris Nelson, the makers of The Big Sea, to discuss their hopes for what it might mean for the industry at large and what we, as surfers and consumers, can do to make a difference.

Jazz Salt and Coastal Nerds

Sam Bleakley strikes up a riotous rhythm with his idiosyncratic and masterful amalgamation of jazz and surfing, while Cornish surf photographer, and accredited coastal nerd, Nigel Aird, takes a more cerebral step into the physics of oceanic rhythms.


Mike ruminates on the relationship between surf movies, surfers, and music with the help of the multi-talented Lee-Ann Curran, Clovis Donizetti, and Mikey February. 

Back to The Future

Through Maddy Bolt’s vibrant adventure to the wilds of Havana, Dibi Fletcher’s story of surf photography icon Art Brewer, and Lucy Small’s purposeful journey to Ghana with filmmaker Maddie Meddings, we are reminded of surfing’s rich history and ever-growing story.

Want to get your hands on a copy? Wavelength gets delivered straight to your door either as a single edition or annual subscription.