Listen: It’s Not The Length Podcast Ep 23 Featuring Chris Burkard

Available on smart speaker, Spotify or wherever you listen, Wavelength’s It’s Not The Length Podcast Ep 23 is now live, packed with 71mins of premium surf chat.

To celebrate the brand new Burkard Studio X Billabong Adventure Division Collection, the legendary surf/adventure photographer, filmmaker and endurance athlete Chris Burkard joins the show down the line from Yosemite to chat all things surf photography, including how Kelly Slater dissing his home break inspired him to become a shooter, as well as why is it exactly that he so loves a 3ft righthander breaking in front of a snow capped mountain.

“For me anywhere that’s cold” says Chris, “Norway, Russia, The Faroes, that distills it down to something more pure. You’re thrust into a situation where you have to trust the people you’re with, there’s a sense of camaraderie created. There’s so much value  that comes from the experience in surfing in cold water and the landscapes that go with it. Iceland is just relatively easy to get to, and the people are amazing, but it’s not Iceland as such that draws me, it’s more about surfing in that kind of environment. It purifies you, at the risk of sounding too spiritual, it’s like getting baptised.”

Meanwhile, hosts Evans & Mondy break down the latest surf news and views from around the world with customary zeal, with topics including, but not limited to:

– Naughty Pauline Menczer

– Mondy’s toxic Aussie surf media misogyny mea culpa

– Paul’s acute aversion to the surfing of Cory Lopez

– Harry Bryant & the bigger gentleman of surfing

– Going behind Stab’s paywall, without payin’

– Ripping into pension age like Tim Taplin

– Mondy slams Kelly’s sick note as fraud

– WL’s forthcoming volume 260, Spring Classic, Drive In Cinema & Blue Water Summit events for 2021

Plus, the return of ‘What C__t Said That?’ sees Mondy test Paul’s knowledge of recent surfing hearsay, for a chance to choose the song to play out the show.

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Running time: 71mins


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