Latest Magazine - Volume 254

Spring / Summer Edition

Eminent philosopher Friedrich Schiller once wrote: “Man is never so authentically himself than when at play” and the object of that wise old German’s musings is exactly what fills our brand new Spring/ Summer edition.

In this edition we explore surfing as a force galvanizing the drive to go, enticing experience, building communities and even spurring social change. We’ve travelled the globe, gathering captivating stories and arresting imagery from the full breadth of surf culture and bundled it neatly for you, right here.

We’ve got stories examining unique communities built on surfing in the Spanish Med, Oman and Siargao. A conversation with European high flier Gony Zubizarreta about his motivation for getting back to the land. We take a trip with Jordan Rodin, who’s pushing the boundaries of friction free sliding in waves of consequence. Then, head to Mexico with a Welsh lad whose hunger for adventure sends him tumbling into a scantily clad underworld. We meet a Cornish man with a penchant for surfing big unruly bombies. And take in beautiful imagery from British photographers Toby Butler, Jack Johns and Al Mackinnon, before rounding things out with our inaugural summer wetsuit buyers’ guide.

Dive in, the water’s lovely.

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