Dryrobe Advance Short Sleeve

If you want to change for your surf as quickly as possible in a car park, or simply want to jump in the car and get home without changing, then the dryrobe Advance Short Sleeve will offer warm fast changing in any climate | Leave it on over your clothing or wetsuit | Our lining draws the water away from the skin into the pile of the fabric | Get dry instantly and the insulating fabrics make you feel unbelievably warm | The 2-way zips allow fast easy entry and exit. Operate from either inside or outside | Store your essentials with multiple pockets inside and out | Just remember, you will use your dryrobe much more than you think you will | It will live in your car and be a lifesaver on many a cold morning or chilly evening | Whatever you are doing, from camping trips to elite level sporting activity, it’s all #dryrobeterritory.


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