Dryrobe Long Sleeve

The mixture of snugness and smugness provided by the Dryrobe Advance Long Sleeve is truly one of the greatest feelings available to the cold-water surfer.

There was a time, not so long ago, when getting into or out of your wetsuit with the aid of a Dryrobe was considered ever so slightly shameful. Other surfers might look at you in the car park and snigger, as though somehow you were less of a man / woman for not exposing sufficient bare skin to the elements on cold winter mornings. Thankfully those times are gone, consigned to history. Common sense has prevailed. Those sniggers were above all sniggers of envy.

If you want to change for your surf as quickly and warmly as possible, or simply want to jump in the car and get home without changing, the Dryrobe Advance is a godsend. The Long Sleeve design has the added benefit of extra warmth for hanging around between sessions or long days at the beach. If you leave it on for hours at a time, we won’t judge.

In terms of game-changing innovations, it’s up there with the wheel, sliced bread, and that clever self-wringing mop invented by Jennifer Lawrence. In terms of present ideas, it falls into that category of product that you might feel slightly guilty for buying for yourself but are secretly really hoping someone else gets you for Christmas.

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