FCS 6′ Freedom Leash

In terms of look and feel, in terms of high-tech futuristic leash-making wizardry, the new Freedom leash by FCS is way out ahead of the pack.

6 foot long and designed specifically for wave heights under 5ft – perfect, then, for the vast majority of UK surf – the Freedom introduces a revolutionary new cord, lighter and stronger than any other cord out there. It’s an over-braided nylon cord with a kind of stringy texture (rather than the traditional smooth finish); the streamlined design and refined hydrodynamics reduce tangling and drag for a faster, frictionless ride.

The horn – that’s the bit between the cord and the ankle strap – is foam filled, light, shock absorbing, and extended in length to further reduce tangling. The low profile moulded velcro is supremely robust and reliable (few things are more off-putting in a leash than poor quality velcro). Meanwhile the precision engineered cuff, featuring silicone grip print, reduces slippage around the ankle. 3mm of neoprene padding ensures exquisitely soft lightweight comfort. The moulded pull tab for quick and hassle-free release is so beautiful it makes us want to cry. Put one in the stocking of a surfer this Christmas and you will see in his / her eyes a look of pure unadulterated consumerist bliss.

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