FCS Double All Purpose Travel Cover

If you’re looking for a board bag that will fit two shortboards and give them the best possible chance of arriving at their destination un-dinged and in one piece, well, look no further than the FCS Double.

The FCS Double All Purpose Travel Cover is a serious piece of kit and will meet the surf exploration needs of the vast majority of surf trippers. 10mm dual density padding provides a tough layer of protection against impact, and is reinforced by heavy duty polyester skin. Further protection comes in the form of rail padding along the zipper path; meanwhile the contoured coffin wall matches the rocker of your surfboard and gives additional strength. Other features include the double layered shoulder pad for maximum comfort and support; long-life marine zippers (the zips are often the first part of a board bag to give out, so decent zips are key); padded internal sheet to separate your boards and internal straps to keep them secured; and an internal pocket for additional storage (wax, leashes, fins, etc.). It comes with a set of FCS Premium straps to secure your boards to the roof.

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