FCS II Julian Wilson PC Aircore Tri Fins

Despite one or two injury worries, it’s been a stellar year for Julian Wilson aka J-Dubs aka Joycey on the world tour, and at the time of writing it may yet end in world title glory.

Can he come from behind to wrestle the no. 1 spot from Gabby Medina at the forthcoming Pipe Masters? Will he be able to fend off the outsider challenge of Filipe Toledo? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure: when he’s wrestling foam balls and dropping down vertical faces at Backdoor this December, he won’t be lacking for speed, drive, hold, flex, or any other fin-related buzzwords. FCS will make certain of that.

Julian Wilson’s “JW” signature fin, available in Grom, Medium & Large sizes, is about two main things: speed and projection. Updated in PC construction featuring the brand’s ultralight AirCore, it’s designed for taking flight and adopting a more progressive approach, but maintains a feeling of predictability and control through longer arc turns. Think powerful, drawn-out turns with added hold. Ideal conditions, according to FCS, are open face, down-the-line waves, point and reef breaks in particular.

If buying for a loved one this Christmas, remember to check his / her surfboard has the FCS fin system, or they won’t be compatible.

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