FCS II Mick Fanning Neo Carbon Tri Fins

The classic template of Mick Fanning’s signature fin, now in Neo Carbon from FCS!

You’d trust Mick Fanning, perhaps above all other surfers, to choose a decent fin to put his name to, and he doesn’t disappoint. His signature FCS II MF fin seems to be the fin of choice among ‘QS rippers these days, judging by their ubiquity around contest sites. Available only in large, they’re designed for fast, clean, precise, virile power surfing.

The new Neo Carbon material looks epic, and supposedly delivers an injection of power and speed through turns thanks to the “whipping effect” through the tip of the fin. Will you / your boyfriend / girlfriend / loved one be able to notice it? Absolutely! And if not, you / they’ll just have to pretend like the rest of us.

Remember, they belong to the FCS II system (though will still work with FCS I) so just click them into place, no need for a key.

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