Finisterre Wainwright Shirt

Wainwright is a lovely word, meaning maker and repairer of wagons. These days of course it’s a niche occupation, and fortunately it isn’t necessary to be a card-carrying member of the wainwrights’ union in order to enjoy the full benefits of this superb shirt.

These benefits include premium Spanish pincord fabric, button down collar, button down patch chest pockets, and blackened corozo nut buttons. We’re not entirely sure what distinguishes Spanish pincord fabric from, say, Belgian pincord fabric, but we know we like it – it feels every bit as impressive as it sounds. The button down collar and pockets speak for themselves. As for the blackened corozo nut buttons… Buttons made from nuts? This shirt is serious.

For the active, environmentally conscious surfer, it doesn’t get much better. (If you want a coordinated stainless steel mug to go with it, check the here.) Soft yet hardwearing, elegant yet practical, it’s a workwear shirt with a refined edge. Go to the pub in it, check the surf in it,  build a wagon in it. Get it on your Christmas list now.

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