Volcom Brews Striped Coach Jacket

Are you a fan of stripes / Newcastle United / Notts County?

Do you get off to an old-school ’80s / ’90s aesthetic? Maybe you consider poppers to be the most pleasing and effective method of doing up / undoing an item of clothing? Perhaps deep down you see yourself as a wise and inspirational baseball coach figure?

If you answered yes / maybe to any of the above, we’ve got the jacket just for you. It’s by Volcom and it’s called the Brews Striped Coach Jacket and it’s a very work of art. A bold, striking look, but tasteful and stylish, too. You could be just the man to pull it off. Features include small logo on the chest, regular cut, spread collar, and the afore-hinted-at poppers, or, if you prefer, “press-stud placket”. Plus stripes. Lots of stripes.

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