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RVCA Bring the Art to Spring Classic Surf Invitational  

Cornwall Artist Clara Jonas on Hand to Surf and Create Art 

Wavelength is stoked to announce RVCA as a partner for the Spring Classic Surf Invitational. As part of their Balance of Opposites Summer Tour, the design-driven lifestyle brand is getting behind the UK’s newest surf and music festival to be held at Woolacombe between the 2nd and 4th of June.

RVCA (pronounced: rew-ka) is known for its Artist Network Program, better known as ANP, which showcases the talent of artists who push the boundaries of creativity, providing something of substance and culture.

One such artist is Cornwall’s Clara Jonas. The illustrator, graphic designer, and surfer will surf in the Surf Invitational. Out of the water, Clara will be creating and showcasing her art on the festival site over the weekend.

Clara, between land and sea. Photo @herenow.fim

“I am going to be doing a live painting, an A1-sized Tryptich kind of vibe,” said Jonas. “As well as creating the painting over the weekend, RVCA will also help me to create an open studio space. I’ll have some of my past work and sketches that hopefully will help will show the artistic process a little.”

She says her art is informed by slow living, myth, and the mystic. The sea, nature, and her surfing lifestyle are also inspirations. “I’m interested in folklore and mythology from cultures all over the world that can be reframed in a modern setting. That really excites me,” said Jonas.

Photos: RVCA

While she creates most of her art in her Falmouth studio, Jonas is looking forward to creating a new piece in an open public space. “I think it helps you focus, you are more present, and so you have to commit wholeheartedly,” she said. “In a public sphere, you can get people coming up with their impressions, or thoughts, or reactions, which is a beautiful thing and helps the conversation.”

Jonas has worked with RVCA before and also for Wavelength, collaborating on some t-shirt designs way back in 2018. Her goal in life and art is to build community and connection amongst those who are helping invest in a better, more balanced, and sustainable future.

“It’s always nice hanging out with the RVCA gang. They always create a great space for art and artists and it really rubs off on people,” she said. “But being outside in a gorgeous space on the coast, with live music in the sunshine is just good for the soul. I can’t wait.”

Catch Clara paddling out in the Surf Invitational and showcasing her artwork this weekend at the Spring Classic. Final tickets are now available, so bag them quick for a place at the party!