Jobs on the beach guaranteed for all Ticket to Ride customers

At Wavehunters, Polzeath

Ticket to Ride and Wavehunters have announced a strategic partnership for the Summer, offering valuable employment opportunities to all Ticket to Ride clients.

Wavehunters are known for operating one of the UKs largest surf schools, and Ticket to Ride have famed their reputation for providing surf instructor courses across the globe.

Andy Cameron, Wavehunters founder said; “we’re really excited to be working closely with Ticket to Ride, we’ve been employing their instructors for years and it’s great to finally have something more formal confirmed.”

As part of the partnership all clients of the famed Ticket to Ride South Africa course will have a job interview with Wavehunters prior to the departure of their instructor course, in order for them to secure prospective employment the following Summer season. What’s more, Ticket to Ride will then be able to offer employment in return to the Wavehunters staff as part of their winter operation in the Alps.

“We’re all about providing amazing experiences, and creating opportunities for our clients, and then in turn, for all our staff” said Ticket to Ride Founder Linley Lewis “this partnership means that people will be able to come straight off one of our courses, and get their dream job on the beach. We’ve seen so many people do this year after year now, lives get changed, it’s really exciting. We want people to understand that choosing a job in “lifestyle” sports doesn’t have to be purely seasonal, we want to help people forge long lasting careers and have the confidence to invest in their dream job. In this regard ours and Wavehunters principles are aligned, so it’s great to be working with them.”

Ticket to Ride currently place people in jobs all over the world, with partnerships established all over Cornwall, and job guarantees in Australia as well.

For more information on how to get involved in this unique programme, visit call 0208 7888 668, or visit the Wavehunters team on the beach in Polzeath.

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