RNLI Seasonal Lifeguards

Various coastal locations around the UK

Being an RNLI lifeguard puts you at the frontline of lifesaving. Last year, our team helped 18,181 people and saved 94 lives. Our presence can mean the difference between a great day at the beach and a tragedy.

We’ve been operating a lifeguard service since 2001 and now cover more than 240 beaches around the UK and the Channel Islands. Our lifeguards help people stay safe while they enjoy the beach by sharing practical safety advice with beachgoers to help prevent incidents before they happen and physically rescuing anyone who does get into trouble.

At times challenging and always rewarding, no two days are the same, so you’ll need to be focused, vigilant and proactive. But more than that, we’re looking for approachable lifeguards who enjoy meeting people and helping them stay safe.

The job varies depending on where you’re working. From busy resort beaches to semi-rural surf beaches, every beach has its own characteristics and challenges. Lifeguards can operate from static lifeguard units or with patrols. Rescue boards and tubes are most commonly used but, depending on the beach, lifeguards also use quad bikes, four-wheel drives, personal watercrafts (PWCs or ‘jet skis’), and surf rescue boats.

There are four different levels of lifeguard, from newly qualified right through to senior lifeguard. We’ll provide you with excellent training opportunities to help you progress as you gain experience.

If you are qualified and have a passion for helping others through education and rescue, we’d love to have you on our team this season.

For more information visit summerjobs.rnli.org/lifeguards

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