The Ultimate Surf Course

Travel from Cape Town to Durban over 10 weeks, get involved in community projects, and get qualified as a surf instructor and surf lifesaver.

World Class Surf Coaching

Over the course of the trip you will be lead by local surf tour guides, who will not only ensure you are surfing the best waves on any given day, but will also make sure that your surf development reaches maximum potential.


Surf Technique Development

Over the period of the trip you’ll have all elements of your coaching monitored. For example:

5 Common Errors in beginner surfers

  1. Using knee on Pop-up
  2. Popping up too early
  3. Looking down whilst popping up
  4. Bending from the waist
  5. Standing in wrong place on board


5 Common Errors in Intermediate surfers (in addition to above)

  1. Standing/turning with back foot too far forward
  2. Doing cutback at the bottom of the wave
  3. Not looking where turning to
  4. Arms out of sync
  5. Not opening shoulder on backhand

Through video analysis and class room analysis you will be coached through these basic errors.

Already an advanced surfer?

Our coaching team coach to national level, and as such there is no one they cannot improve! For those surfers who can already surf we will take on a variety of drills.

For example:

Number of  waves or left or rights in a specific time limit:

  1. Catch 10 waves in 1 hour.
  2. Consecutively, catch 5 waves in 30 minutes, then go back out and catch only 2 waves in 30 minutes with a focus on Quality.
  3. In bad waves, 10 waves in 30 minutes.
  4. Catch 5 lefts in 10 minutes.

Manoeuvre based drills (e.g. 30 minutes each)

  1. You HAVE to complete your ride
  2. Focus ONLY on the first turn
  3. Surf as FAST as you can
  4. Surf as STYLISH as you can
  5. Surf relaxed
  6. Surf ANGRY
  7. Expression Session go HUGE

Tips and Trips

We’ll also try a few tricks and tips to get you surfing differently:

  • Feet too far forward, scrape wax off to force feet to be in the right place.
  • Put tape on the board with writing of things to remember in the water.
  • Get a stick/string to put between the surfers hands to keep them in rhythm
  • RELAX when surfing


All of the above happens over a 10 week period whilst on our South Africa trip, so there is a huge amount of time for development.

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