The Arc of Aleutia Is An Ode To Audacious Surfing Adventure

Roark’s excellent new short The Arc Of Aleutia is now available to watch in full on Apple TV.

The film takes viewers on a cinematic surfing voyage through a remote island chain, scattered in the gap between Alaska and Russia. 

Right up in the farthest reaches of the North Atlantic, the Aleutians present a picturesque but unyielding landscape, where sparsely populated marshland stretches all the way to the coast and fun waves peel endlessly unmolested in the shadow of vast snowcapped mountains. 

Told from the perspective of Byron based Harrison Roach, who’s joined by fellow Roak ambassadors Nate Zoller and Paker Coffin, the trip takes a shape almost entirely foreign to the trio, where wild weather dictates the pace and any plans that don’t fit nature’s whims are rendered immediately futile. 

Of course, such style of travel is more familiar to the men behind the lens, Chris Burkard and Ben Weiland. Exploration experts well accustomed to the idea that when a storm grounds your flight, the best course of action is not to wait around, but rather venture out in search of a consolation prize. In this instance, empty points and leg-burning rides through the frozen wilderness. 

While the film isn’t just fun peelers and dramatic scenery- there are world-class waves in the mix as well – there’s no doubt it’s really an ode to the bits in between. To authentic adventure, the beauty of nature and the fun to be found chasing a myth across the globe.  

And for us the viewer, still stuck in a cycle of pandemic restrictions, where even the most pedestrian surf trip feels like a grand adventure, it’s an exciting reminder of just how much is out there waiting in the world we hope to be allowed to explore again one day soon. 

Watch Arc of Aleutia now on Apple TV or Itunes

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All photos by @chrisburkard


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