The Wavelength 2015 Readers Survey

Once upon a time, if we wanted to know what you lot thought, we had to devote a whole chunk of pages to one of those horrible tick box questionnaires.

You’s then had to find a pen, sit down, fill it all out, cut up your magazine, then SEND it back to us, in the actual post. Madness.

Nowadays you can just login to Facebook and click Like on your favourite surf shots, or grab your smartphone and slag us off on Twitter.

While it’s now easier for us to spy on your internet habits, we still want to know what you think about the surf industry in general. Which brands are doing it right, what boards are floating your boat and what black rubber suits are keeping your internal organs warm.

It’ll only take five minutes to fill out our questionaire, and you might even win a years subscription or a Wavelength t shirts. Bonus!

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