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Hand-Picked Gifts for that Special Surfer in Your Life

From jumpers to jewellery, wax to wetsuits, we’ve got heaps of great gifts that’ll have any board rider stoked to see what Santa’s delivered! Check out the Wavelength Gift Guide for more!

In the meantime, here’s what your Weekend Warrior, Retro Hipster and Longboard Stylist really want for Christmas….

Weekend Warrior 

Ready for the weekend!

For this prime specimen, there is only one light at the end of the tunnel. Monday to Friday and the work and family pressures that come with it are mere obstacles on the path to that one true enlightened path; the weekend surf. 

Plans are hatched Wednesday, passes gained Thursday and meticulous preparations made Friday. The first surf washes away the spreadsheet grime, and the second renderers Karen from Human Resources as a mere blip in the universe. By the fourth, and final session, the Weekend Warrior has reached a near-Nirvana state of Arahant enlightenment. By Monday all bets are off. And then the process begins again.  

For the Weekend Warrior’s perfect gift, you need to think quality over quantity. A high-grade set of fins, a travel board cover, high-tech roof racks and straps or, if you really love them, a new surfboard.  

The Winter Warrior

Croyde Surf
The Winter Warrior waiting for the tide, and temperature, to drop. Image Rob Tibbles

There’s nowt so queer as folk, goes the Yorkshire saying, rather appropriately. And for the Winter Warrior, the darkened afternoons, water temp like cold beer, and endless Atlantic Storms aren’t cause for resentment, but celebration. 

The Winter Warrior can’t surf without a 5/4 steamer and firmly believes booties are a performance aid. He dismisses summer as a once-a-year fad, like yo-yos in a schoolyard, and lives by the mathematical inverse equation that the more uncomfortable the environment, the less people will be out there to enjoy it. 

For their Xmas presents we advise thick neoprene, winter jackets, flannelette shirts warm socks or great boots. No sunscreen needed.  

Retro Hipster 

Wanna look this cool? Read below.

Both ahead, and behind the curve, the retro hipster vibrates like a tuning fork to the prevailing winds of surf style and trend. Not many can match a 1990s fleece with a 1976-era Skip Fry fish, and make it work. Less can paddle out on a finless Alaia and use just their moustache to intimidate the lineup packed with thruster riding boomers. 

The retro hipster melds form and function, transcending generational fashion and surf epochs with a carefully kept, unkept look. Oh, and can I have the wifi code please? 

We’re thinking stocking fillers here for the retro hipster. A new woollen beanie, antioxidant body wash, pocket knife or a roll-neck jumper might just about pass the cool test. 

The Sun Seeker

Yep, this ain’t Cornwall.

Like the Manx shearwater who flies across the oceans to spend the winter off Argentina, or the Arctic Tern who swaps the extreme north for the extreme south, reaching and sometimes circumnavigating Antarctica, the Sun Seeker ain’t one for this current trend of cold water swimming.

Winter is a time to flee the colder climes and find holiday surfing spots where the beer is cold, the water warm and the sun lives high in the blue sky. They’d rather wear a noose than a hood, and believes a natural sun tan is a badge of honour. 

You’ll be wanting to go travel-based on the gift front for the Sun Seeker. A pair of new boardshorts or bikini would be perfect for that all-round tan. A fresh pair of sunnies for the pool, or some hardy sandals should do the trick. 

Longboard Stylemaster 

You too can look like this!

Stinging like a butterfly and floating like a bee, the Longboard Stylemaster generally has hacked his/her own life. On land, they cross step with a delightful lightness, even if it is just walking to the shop to buy a pint of milk. Their board rack, a sea of tinted resin, single fins and triple balsa stringers, is often worth more than their car and represents 2/3s of their household’s annual gross domestic product. 

Yet you can’t put a price on style, or glide, and the longboarder carries him/herself with a serene knowledge that they’re is just doing life better. 

For the logger why not add to their style with a bomber jacket, organic tee, single sin or an inspirational surf book?

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