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La Isla: Laura Coviella is One to Watch

Deep in the Atlantic, nestled in the bosom of Morocco and the western Sahara, lies Las Islas Canarias. Seven islands joined by a network of ferries and planes crossing the sometimes calm and, more often than not, rough seas but always eternally blue – that cut sharp contrast between the seven distinct ecosystems. Towering above all of them is Tenerife, marked by the volcanic peak of Mt Teide at over 3000m. Dividing the island into a warm, arid and somewhat featureless south and a temperate and green north, where vineyards and green mountains drop into steep cliffs and the churning sea below.

It is here we meet Laura Coviella. Shaped by the island that rasied her up between the Volcanos, mountains and of course, the sea. Laura had a long held dream of being able to live from surfing and has now achieved it, thanks to the variety of waves that have shaped her surfing into what it is today. From small and rippable to oversized mysto slabs, beach breaks and beyond. Laura’s life now is spent between home and travelling the world on the endless, challenging yet always beautiful pursuit of surfing.

“We are few on the island. A quiet life without too many people or stress. We breathe pure air and live life very much in the present. When I come home, I realise we what have here is so special. My heart is here – Tenerife tiene mi corazon”