A//W Wetsuits

This is Mark Boyd’s go to suit for surfing the chilly Thurso waters. The suit uses generous thickness neoprene and secure seals on the ankles and wrists to ensure there is no risk of flushing.

The attention to detail and precise construction throughout means you can trust
this suit not to let you down. We use neoprene tape inside for a more reliable seam seal and 100% “SURFLEX” nylon throughout with all the flexibility you could ask for. The inside body and lower leg uses our favourite Fast Dry Lining to trap air against your skin and helps with speedy after surf drying.

  • 6×4 Blindstitch seams
  • Chest zip
  • 100% “Surflex”
  • 75% fast drying aerocore lining inside
  • 90% neoprene tape seams inside
  • Double lined throughout
  • Duratec knee pads

Key Info

Wetsuit Type Hooded fullsuit
Temperature Guide 8°C & below
Thickness 6/4
Entry Chest
Brand Alder
Price £270
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