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Increased blood flow with the ultimate flexibility.

When you look for a suit that offers maximum freedom of movement, comfort and warmth at the same time, you pair only the essentials in wetsuit construction with the highest quality materials and you get the Comp X. The TDC materials featured from the chest to the ankles increases local blood-flow circulation, promoting quicker muscle recovery and supporting the heat you generate in the water. Updated this year with a full Channel Flex Outer.

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Editors Verdict

By Wavelength

We have been a fan of Xcel’s Comp wetsuits for sometime. Dropping half a mil and adding a hood makes this wetsuit spot on for staying warm and flexible whilst surfing in Europe this winter.

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Key Info

Wetsuit Type Hooded Fullsuit
Temperature Guide 10°C - 14°C
Thickness 4.5/3.5
Entry Chest
Brand XCEL
Price £360
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