Drop In Sessions Episode 4: Lucy Campbell

Episode 4 of The Drop In Sessions brought to you by Wavelength Community Radio and Mermaid Gin has dropped! In this series, podcast host Sophie Everard wants to introduce you lovely listeners to different, rad women around the world who are really causing ripples, shockwaves, and impact within surfing. 

Our next guest is multi-decorated champion, Lucy Campbell.  She is a powerful athlete who has become a much loved and inspiring sportswoman and spokesperson in the UK.  If you’re listening from afar and not familiar with surf in the UK and its talent, yes, I am corroborating that there are indeed waves, and some incredible athletes coming from these small but mighty isles.

27 year old Lucy Campbell, hailing from Woolacombe, South West England, is a 7 time National Women’s Champion and the current British Women’s Champion.  An avid sports lover, Lucy was in the top 5 in the UK as a middle distance runner, before an  injury led her to swap pursuits to surfing.  She’s been a stalwart of UK surfing, mopping up and taking many titles and trophies in her illustrious career.  She’s been featured in Forbes, The Times, and worked with brands such as Breitling, Ralph Lauren and Dry Robe.  

In this podcast, we explore exactly what it means to be a pro surfer from the UK and dissect how a scrappy and sporty kid can become the elite level champion she is. We also delve into the challenges UK athletes have to face to make it and why young, British surfers such as Stanley Norman and Alys Barton are worth keeping your eyes on.

With Lucy already eyeballing the next Olympics in Paris, dive into our latest episode to see her in a brand new light!

If you’ve been enjoying the Drop In Sessions podcasts so far, we’ve got more inspirational episodes dropping over the coming weeks, including longboard legend Kassia Meador….watch this space!