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Drop In Sessions Episode 5: Kassia Meador

Welcome to Episode 5 of The Drop In Sessions brought to you by Mermaid Gin.  

Kassia Meador truly moves to the beat of her own drum with the stylish grooves that come from sensei-esque levels of surf mastery, beautiful creative work, general radness and excellent energy.

The California-based longboarder, once aptly called the “Queen of Nose Riding” by the New York Times,  is a surfer who is truly iconic. A central nucleus if you will, of longboarding and the beautiful culture and business, that surrounds it.

When her career took off as a teen, she was surfing Malibu First Point, where her stylish steps and moves were quickly catching the eye of fellow longboard jedis of the likes of Joel Tudor.  Kassia’s name is synonymous with effortless style, with a stoke and grace that’s captivating, near magical.  

She surfed the World Longboard Tour as a young adult, is the founder of Kassia + Surf, a badass women’s wetsuit company that truly shook things up in the industry, runs her own rad retreats, Salty Sensations, with fellow lady ripper Leah Dawson and has been immortalised in cinematic creations of the likes of The Heart and the Sea and Roost and Sprout. 

This awesome episode will be a goldmine for those of you who love to explore surf history and hear nuggets and jewels of gilded beautiful times, as we explore the incredible career of Kassia, who as a young teen connected with icons such as Donald Takayama and Joel Tudor whilst surfing Noosa’s Tea Tree.

Her insatiable appetite and stoke for the simple joy and happiness of surfing will be truly palpable through your ear-waves. From fan-girl discussions about the icons of women’s surfing including Linda Benson and Rell Sunn and their vital impact on surfing, to her work with her retreats and industry-changing wetsuit innovations and designs with a genuine happiness for the incredible state that is women’s surfing today. 

Get ready for an infectiously positive and rad episode… buckle up!