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Introducing Volume 260, Celebrating 40 Years Of Wavelength

[This is an introduction to our new summer print edition, available with a subscription, or to buy as a single issue.]

Welcome to Volume 260, celebrating 40 years of Wavelength in print. 

Since our first issue landed in the summer of ‘81, we’ve been lucky to witness many of surfing’s finest developments up close. From the introduction of new frontiers and ideas, through rides that re-defined what was possible, to grand innovations in travel and technology, we’ve been here, diligently documenting, spinning yarns and snapping shots in vivid technicolour. 

In light of that, it seemed appropriate to compile this edition on the theme of shifting realities, blending tales of surfing’s cultural evolution with personal accounts of life-changing experiences, twists of fate and stories that unfold in the space between expectation and occurrence. 

We’ll begin by meeting four surfers dedicated to tweaking the reality of their immediate surroundings; the Bali-based artist behind the internet’s favourite surfing forgery, a Frenchman on a mission to rid his coastline of dangerous lead, an Aussie using found objects to build a rainforest abode and an illustrator lampooning the crowds in his local lineup. 

Next, we’ll hear the heartening story of a woman from Scarborough who found solace in the North Sea and the harrowing account of what happened on a father and son sailing trip when one half of the crew suddenly began to experience reality differently. 

After a light intermission, showcasing the beautiful photography of Russell Holliday, we’ll dive into the life of enigmatic Scottish champ Mark ‘Scratch’ Cameron and observe Billy Wilson’s jovial take on the transience of surf spots. 

Next, we’ll head to Hawaii, to meet multi-skilled athlete Nique Miller and learn of a life transformed by a move across the Pacific. And to California, to meet shaper Ryan Lovelace, who shares the intriguing story of the inception of his iconic V-Bowls. 

Then, we’ll set off on a quest to discover the origins of Wannasurf.com, one of the web’s first surf sites, meeting the men who made it and examining what happened when it collided with the parochial surf culture of the early 2000s. 

And finally, bringing us neatly back to where we began, the story of Wavelength’s loud 80s leisurewear, recently resurrected to become our new heritage range, featuring original graphics penned by the magazine’s first-ever designer way back in ‘81.

While we’ve kept a firm focus on the shifts of forward motion, we’re always committed to maintaining adequate column inches for the timeless too. Those hardy perennials of our culture that remain coiled around the relentless passage of passing time. Like the importance of good style, the power of good storytelling and perhaps, most pertinent of all, the simple joy of the sideways slide. 

So here’s to another 40 years. We’re stoked to have you along for the ride.

– LG

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