The One Bad Egg by Phipps is a Hipsters delight. Clean lines of a performance egg with low rails and slight concave to V bottom. This board is amazing in big overhead surf with incredible paddle power and incredible drive. Perfect in waist high waves when looking for comfort and turning power. Undoubtedly the BEST egg on the market in the world today.


Yeah you could find a shorter, wider summer ride but you won’t find a better paddling surfboard that’ll thrive in double overhead waves and still be a dream to ride when it’s waist high and a bit mushy.

This stunning surfboard comes with a 2+1 fin set up so you can experiment with a multitude of fin configurations. The One Bad Egg really paddles beautifully and delivers incredible drive especially with a good set of side fins and a smaller 6 or 7 inch fin in the box.

Really difficult to pigeonhole, the OBE will appeal to anyone from intermediate to advanced. Surfers keen to take on some sizeable surf will love the paddle speed, drive and security the surfboard offers, and the less adventurous will enjoy a drivey and fast turning mid-length that’ll definitely improve your surfing, particularly your ability to turn a board and generate speed from the tail.

The Phipps One Bad Egg is a modern take on a classic shape and is undoubtedly the best performance egg on the market today. Technical director and Boardshop owner Roger has a 6’6 with a flat grey spray and it looks absolutely stunning!

Mark Phipps has been ‘mowing foam’ for nearly as long as he’s been surfing. He started shaping and first picked up a planer under the wing and careful guidance of Wayne Lynch and Greg Brown in the famous Gash factory. Mark now divides his time between his home town of Point Lonsdale in Victoria, Australia and France. This allows him to make the very best of the surf in both locations, keep his finger on the “surf” pulse and keep in touch with the travelling pros who love his unique custom made shortboards.